Dear Bawden Bespoke Customers,

After nearly 10 years Bawden Bespoke is closing down our website.

It may not yet be the final chapter in the Bawden Bespoke story but my personal involvement with the brand and in providing bespoke shirts to my fantastically loyal clientele is at end.

In truth Bawden Bespoke has been not profitable for some time but I had hoped to reignite its failing fortunes on returning to Australia. The realities of needing to provide a steady income for my family have taken precedence over my desire to continue the business.

In the past 3 years we have been under constant attack from malware and viruses and I have had to rebuild our out-dated website 4 times. Finally technology has truly overtaken the old bird and I have neither the time nor lack of common sense to throw away money on rebuilding it.

Bawden Bespoke gave me many moments of joy over the years at being able to provide men an affordable solution to an age old problem. I have got to meet a lot of great people along the way and I am truly sad to be saying goodbye.

I hope in some way that my fantastic supplier, Mr Lai, will somehow be able to service you all although how that will look I cannot say. You will have to wait to hear from him and yes you do have to call him Mr Lai. I cannot recommend a substitute shirt maker who makes a shirt that fits as well or lasts as long.

To all customers who have recently made a purchase, my apologies but the link between Paypal and our website has been intermittent and we have not received orders as well my own attention has been scarce due to other commitments. All outstanding orders will either be refunded or we will fulfil them.

Thank you so very much for all your custom and loyalty over the years, I do hope it was repaid in some measure.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Bawden